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How Your Natural Deodorant Can Play A Part In Your Mood, OOTD and Daily Needs

Once upon a time, in 2016, I tried out natural deodorant for the first time. I was in a phase of blogging about Etsy shops and their natural products and I had boxes on boxes in my room at my parents house filled to their brims with natural makeup, skincare and body products. I was going to community college before coming to New York City and I also realized how bad normal deodorants can be for your skin. 


Fast forward and I ended up going back to a normal deodorant because I loathed sweating, and still do, but I realized recently that natural deodorants are still my way to go. I stock piled deos to try, such as; Megababe, Hiki and Myro products. I even got the Megababe ‘Happy Pits’ armpit mask and armpit detox bar soap to aid me in my new journey with natural deodorant. 


Not only am I working towards this goal of all natural and ethical items to put in, on and around myself, but I’m learning every step of the way. And something pretty cool that I learned in the past few weeks with these deodorants is that, since they smell so freaking good, I can match them to my moods, my needs and my outfits. This blew my mind! 


I’m not just using my deodorant to aid my look, but to uplift my mood and nurture my body. 


I use Megababe’s wide array like their Rosy Pits, Smoothie Deo and Soapy Pits to go with outfits like; 

Rosy Pits for a sweet look when I’m going for that cottagecare, midi-skirt, braided hair or cute hat day. 


Smoothie Deo for when I want to look and smell like candy, pairing it with some cute shorts and a baby tee. 


Soapy Pits for a super casual day at the dog park in sweats and hair down. 


I know I have a long way to go, but being able to have my deodorant match my looks and my mood has been super helpful in aiding my mission to using these deos on the daily. 

MMC second-year senior, Venus Rising Blog owner and fashion journalist with a focus on sustainability.
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