How to Make the Most of Winter Break

As I write this during the final days of the semester, I can’t help but think about everything I want to do over winter break. This time a year ago, I was finishing up my very first semester of college and I remember being thrilled at the thought of being free from school work and my part-time job. This time around, I’m still looking forward to having down time but I now know how restless I get without a normal routine. Of course I’m excited to spend the holidays at home with family, but as soon as that’s over I’ll have quite a lot of time on my hands and I’m the kind of person that doesn’t know what to do with that- especially after months of constantly studying and running around the city.


Taking time to relax is undoubtedly beneficial, but when the inevitable boredom kicks in, consider making the most of winter break with these tips:

Make Summer Plans

It’s never too early to think about what you’re going to do during the summer months. After all, so much of college is planning for the next semester, the next job opportunity, and whatever lies ahead. Personally, I’ve been searching for a summer internship so that I can build experience and use this summer to work towards my future career. I find that just looking into possible professions and positions can be inspiring and help me figure out what it is I want to do after college. When looking for an internship, spend some time getting familiar with the companies you’d be interested in and what their programs are like; doing some research can help you see all the possibilities that exist.


Read as Much as Possible  

School breaks were made for reading for fun. I read more on breaks than any other time of year and I have to say I'm excited because aside from the books I exclusively read on the subway, I haven’t been able to fully immerse myself in novels since the summer when I read Call Me by Your Name and the monster of a book that is Stephen King’s IT. Before going home, make a list of titles you’ve been wanting to read and plan on going to the library. That way you’ll be able to enjoy your picks and stay entertained all month long and return them before going back to school. A reader or not, I can’t recommend this enough because having uninterrupted time to read and actually focus on the story makes a good book that much better.

Hobbies and DIY  

Ask yourself- what have you been wanting to do but never have time for? It seems like any free time in college should be spent getting ahead on one thing or another but with that out of the way, there’s no need to feel guilty about being unproductive in your time off. This is the time to do whatever makes you happy simply because you enjoy it and not because you’re obligated to. Whether that be journaling, dancing, or whatever you like to do, spending time on hobbies can be very therapeutic. I, for one, plan on finally learning to use the sewing machine I got several Christmases ago and might even break out old baking recipes. The key is to get creative and to not be ashamed to spend all day at home getting crafty.  

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Being back home is all about being a part of the simple, normal things you’ve missed out on for the past few months and with time no longer a problem, it’s so much more relaxing to visit. Enjoying quality time with people without having to plan exactly when you’re going to see them because of classes is such a relief. Not to mention, I can’t wait to see my best friend almost every day instead of once every few weeks. Our favorite thing to do is hang out and have sleepovers just like we used to in high school. It’s so important to maintain those relationships and enjoy being home while you can. It gets too easy to put those things aside while at school and at the same time, too easy to complain about wanting to go back to school when I am home.

College life in New York City is incredibly fast-paced and although I wouldn’t trade it for a thing, taking a break from it feels necessary every once in a while. Regrouping and making a list of goals for the next semester can help ensure the next half of the year goes smoothly. Until then, know what’s best for you and do whatever you need to do!