“Hey Upper East Siders…”

I’m not sure about you, but going to school on the Upper East Side has me feeling a little like Blair Waldorf. Gossip Girl was filmed all around our city and I’ve got some of those locations you’d love to know about. Be careful, Upper East Siders, there are some spoilers below.

Grand Central TerminalSeason 1, ep. 1In September 2007, Gossip Girl had aired their very first episode. Serena had made her arrival back to the city in Grand Central and we couldn’t keep our eyes off. Welcome back, S.

The Metropolitan Museum of Artmultiple episodesAnother scene in the very first episode of Gossip Girl featured these famous steps. Blair was being typical Blair and Jenny was so young and not wearing any eyeliner surprisingly.

Who could possibly forget in Season 5, ep. 19, when Dan made Blair feel like a princess on these steps.

I’d be Dan’s princess any day of the week. Who cares if that crown is from a costume shop.

Overall, this was the ultimate spot for Blair to have lunch with the girls:

Maison LaudreeSeason 4, ep. 8Blair walked into Maison Laudree (864 Madison Ave. bet. 70th & 71st) and spotted Chuck following her. Let’s be honest, we always need some macarons (and we wouldn’t mind if Chuck followed us either).

Bethesda TerraceSeason 6, ep 10The moment we all waited for when Blair and Chuck finally got married happened right under the Bethesda Terrace. You can enter on 72nd Street and 5th Avenue to stand where one of the most anticipated moments in Gossip Girl history happened.

Panchito’sSeason 5, ep. 12Blair celebrated her wild bachelorette party at Panchitos (105 McDougal St.) which is pretty close to the new Cooper Square residence hall! If you’ve ever wanted to live it up like Blair, here’s your chance. But please, don’t get arrested like she did.

Dylan’s Candy BarSeason 2, ep. 15

Dan and Vanessa looked around Dylan’s for Nate’s gift. For the MMC residents at 55th Street, take 2nd Ave. to school and you’ll pass this every day! Also, how cute is young Dan in his prep school uniform?

Remember Nelly Yuki? We see you hiding behind that delicious brownie mix.

Sometimes it’s fun to walk around Manhattan like you’re Blair and Serena. I say you give it a try. For those days you don’t leave your room, you can still feel like the most-fashionable duo by binge-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix!

Xoxo, Gossip Girl