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The Complete Guide to Marymount’s Naptime Spots

Taking a nap is an essential part of anyone’s day, especially a college student. Marymount is a relatively small school, and places to take a quick mid-day nap can be hard to come by. As an expert nap-taker, I’ve compiled all of the best spots on campus to take a nap in the middle of the day and have outlined them all for you.

5th Floor NugentThe Comm major’s best friend.Pros: Those big red couches are very comfortable, it’s mostly quiet unless it’s in between classesCons: Almost every Comm professor will walk by them at some point in the day (if you aren’t interested in having your professors watch you take a nap), there are only two couches

Nugent LoungePeet’s? Starbucks? The coffee by the double elevators.Pros: Relatively comfortable couches, lots of space, close to coffeeCons: It can get really noisy and crowded

2nd Floor Library, between the bookshelvesThe most popular naptime spot on campus.Pros: Quiet most of the time (excluding around finals), private, popular so there’s minimal judgement from non-nappersCons: The floor isn’t very comfortable, there aren’t any outlets to charge your phone or laptop while you snooze

The CommonsWait seriously? You’re gonna take a nap in the commons?Pros: It’s close to bathrooms and your friends are probably nearby.Cons: It’s noisy, uncomfortable, there’s too many people around, it makes no sense to nap here at all but I’ve seen people do it so I had to include it here.

The Terraceaka Jud’s TreehousePros: relaxing, quiet, there’s lots of nature if you’re into thatCons: not comfortable, it might rain

The SOSMy personal favorite spotPros: Mostly quiet, comfortable futon, pillows and a blanket, a lot of people don’t know where the SOS is (Main 302) so nobody will find you to bother youCons: I’m 4’11” and I barely fit on the couch, so this isn’t for tall people, there’s only one so if someone’s already there you’re beat, it’s easy to oversleep and be late to class or work so be careful

Brooke is a senior Comm Arts major with a concentration in Creative Media and a minor in Political Science. She also has a cool internship she'd love to talk to you about. She really cares a lot about mac and cheese and comedy, which she would also love to talk to you about. Follow her on twitter (@brookeanne) and instagram (@brookemateria) so she feels validated.
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