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Coconut Oil: What Can’t it Do?

We’ve all heard about it for the last few years, but it’s officially taking over: Coconut Oil. It’s been a cooking essential for a lot of chefs, amateur and professional alike, because of it’s high smoke-point, coconut oil can be used for cooking with high temperatures with out breaking down.It’s also a super healthy alternative to other oils and butter. What people are discovering now is its versatility to also be used around the house.

Here are a few ways you can use Coconut Oil:

  1. Moisturizer — I know what you’re thinking… Put oil on my face? The answer is YES. It acts as a natural moisturizer that your skin can absorb really well without leaving a greasy, oily feeling. I put on all over my body after showering, and it leaves my skin feeling great. Plus, it leaves you smelling deliciously of coconut. It’s antibacterial too, so it wont cause break-outs!

  2. Make-up Remover — Ever had a tough time removing a waterproof mascara? Coconut oil will do the trick. Put a dab on a cotton ball and your eye make-up will slide right off. It’s gentle, so it wont hurt your eyes. There’s also nothing better than using a make-up remover that’s chemical free.

  3. Hair Conditioner — Who needs to buy a bottle of conditioner when you can use coconut oil? Most conditioners claim to contain coconut oil, so why not just get the real thing? Your hair will soak it right up and love it. It can be used as a treatment or mask or just as a replacement for traditional conditioner. It’ll leave your hair feeling soft and smelling good.

  4. Shaving Cream — Stop buying expensive shaving cream that claims to get you a close shave while moisturizing your skin. Coconut oil can do it better. Just use it in place of shaving gel and shave normally. It will actually stay on your skin better and wont quickly wash off in the shower.

Coconut oil is something I swear by. It’s so versatile and lasts longer than the individual products combined. A jar that’ll last you several months costs around $7 at Trader Joes. Make the switch and see what’s it’s all about!

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