7 Reasons Why You Should Join Her Campus

Thinking about joining Her Campus? Here are 7 reasons why you totally should!


1. Make awesome new friends!

Joining Her Campus is a great way to meet new friends at school! We have an awesome group of girls who I can guarantee will make you feel welcome. If you are new to the school, or just looking to meet some new people then Her Campus is a great place to start!

2. You get to write about whatever you want and then have it published!

That's right, you pick the topics you write on! We want you to enjoy writing your articles and not feel like they are just another homework assignment. Write about what you find interesting and what you think MMC students should know!

3. We have a flexible time schedule so everyone can be involved.

This club is good for busy collegiates. We have meetings every other week and we work to find a time that everyone can make. We also do a lot of communication online. AND you pick your due dates for articles so you can schedule them to be due a time that works well with your schedule.

4. We have super fun events!!

-Halloween movie night and pumpkin carving

-Picnic in Central Park

-NEDA Walk

-Tea Party at Alice’s Tea Cup

...Just to name a few that are coming up

5. You can take on an executive role if you want to be even more evolved.

We have a couple spots on our executive board open and there are always ways to be more involved if you want to be.

6. You become really good at writing.

The more you do it the better you become and writing Her Campus articles is a fun way to practice and tone your writing skills.

7. There are lots of fun little perks throughout the semester!!

Her Campus survival kits full of goodies, good free food at events, all expenses paid shopping spree, and being invited to an event at the New York Times are all extra surprises that we got to partake in last year!

Her Campus is so much fun and is definitely a major highlight of my college experience!