3 Simple Ways to Start Adulting

Every student at one point during their college career wakes up after a wild night and realizes, "wait a minute, I'm over 18, aka can totally be arrested and tried as an adult for all the crazy shit my friends and I do... I'm an adult. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!" Students spend four years of their lives learning how to become professional bull shitters because let's face it everything else it too hard and too time consuming. Below is a list of things that are actually kiiiind of bearable. After completing even one of the things on this list, you’ll find you’re asking yourself, “am I like, adulting?”


Get on a Regular Sleep Schedule

When I say regular, I don’t mean nocturnal. As in 11pm-8am (#adulting) not 8am-11pm (aka the freshmen schedule)… It will literally change your life in so many ways. With beauty sleep comes better skin, boosted energy, and stress levels. A key factor in this tip, is keeping this schedule on the weekends. It’s not just for Monday-Friday. Major key: no caffeine after 3pm.


*Actually* Stick to Your Budget

It may not seem like it matters now, but this is doing yourself a huge favor post graduation. So you know, instead of buying drinks from the bar, make sure you pregame hard at home first… Or find a sugar daddy to pay for you. All the shopping addicts know this one is the hardest follow. Major key: get a job.


Balanced Nutrition

Pay attention to the food you place in your body. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to the Olivia Pope lifestyle of popcorn and wine for dinner. But making serious efforts to fuel your body with the right things can go a long way. I dare you to google “harmful effects of sugar.” Scared? Me, too. Make a short goal of not consuming any sugar today. Major key: look at food labels.


By following these three easy steps, you'll be well on your way into adulthood (whatever that is). 


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