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Your Self-Worth Doesn’t Come from Social Media

Spring break is just around the corner, and despite COVID-19, there will inevitably be plenty of people posting pictures in their swimsuits at beaches, or in their best outfits at exclusive parties or really anywhere that seems aesthetic and cool. Whatever the case may be, it seems like a good time to remind everyone that your sense of self-worth doesn’t come from social media. 

Social media makes us do interesting things. We may pose for a million “candid” shots, then add careful edits to the picture for 30 minutes and figure out a clever caption. Honestly, there’s times I have stared at a cute selfie so long it turned ugly (yikes). It seems worth it though when all the likes, comments and even follows roll in. Afterall, instant gratification is such a rush, but it only lasts for an instant. 

Despite the short length of that rush of attention, people are so obsessed with their social media presence. Some make sure they never post pictures too consistently, because apparently that’s annoying. Many people also unfollow everyone they know. This to me has to be the weirdest trend, because it feels so impersonal. Although, some find it necessary to keep their follower to following ratio a solid 10:1. 

What has happened to our culture that we have allowed social media to become our primary form of social interaction? Why do we let these small cases of instant gratification determine how we function? And seriously, why are we letting our personal social media statistics overcome our sense of self-esteem?

To be clear, this isn’t an anti social media rant. In fact, I love social media. That’s why I wish everyone stopped taking it so seriously. 

If you’re still with me, I just have one message to write. Don’t trip over everyone else’s pictures and posts. Social media is supposed to be a fun environment where people share glimpses into their lives, not gazes. If you were truly gazing into their life, I can promise you it would not look as perfect. 

So, relax. Stop trying so hard. Post whenever you want, whatever you want and don’t overthink it, because life is too short to care so much about something so inconsequential. The moment you let your social media determine your self-worth, is either the same moment you give yourself a false sense of security or the same moment you subject yourself to unnecessary suffering. 

Just another STL native studying Journalism at Mizzou. Lover of music, books, fashion, and pasta.
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