What to Do During Summer When You Don't Have an Internship

We all know having an internship or a job is a great way to spend the summer, but we also know that those are hard to find and very time-consuming. Sometimes we just need to spend the summer relaxing and resting our brain. I know I need to do that, but I also want to be productive. Here are some ways to spend the summer if you don’t have much else to do.


Get Fit

If you have tons of time on your hands, why not start a new fitness routine! Spend some time searching for new healthy recipes and fun workout ideas. Get a membership at your local gym or find ways to do it from home. A relaxing summer doesn’t mean you have to sit and watch Netflix all day; you can just watch the Netflix while doing some jumping jacks.


Shadow a Job

My professor recommended this since I don’t have a job this summer. Shadows follow a person around while they’re at work. It sounds creepy, but I think you could learn a lot. You won’t have a job, but you can still have something to put on your resume at the end of the summer. 


Take Advantage of the Sun

Go swim! Hike, bike, climb. Jump on a trampoline. Summer is the time for going outside and doing random things. I’m big into moisturizing and SPF lately, so remember to protect your skin when you’re out there.


Hang With Your Family

Why not be around your family in the summer if you’ve been away at school! Have a family game night, hang outside with them or even go out on the town with them. I’m sure they would appreciate it, and you’d have some fun too. 


Be Studious

If you’re not doing anything related to working, why not take a summer class or start reading again. You’ll get ahead, and you’ll still be working your brain. Summer classes are always easier than semester long classes, so get those Economics classes out of the way if you can.

Start a New Flame

It’s always more fun having a partner to do summer nonsense with. Be a wing woman for your friends, and have them be one for you. Find a new friend or fling; start a convo with the person behind you at Starbucks. Don’t forget Tinder is always an option.



Another thing you could put on your resume, and you’re working for a good cause. Go to the food bank or even the animal shelter. All volunteer work is needed, and you’d leave knowing you spent your time helping others. 


Try New Things

Whether it be traveling or a new restaurant in town, summer is the time to go do things you haven’t before. If you don’t have money for travel, just go to a new spot in your state that no one talks about. Explore the capital or a random small town with only one high school. Adventuring is always fun no matter where you are. 


Start a Blog

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I’ve never had time between school and other extracurricular activities. Blogging is all about you and your life, so it’s an easy way to be productive while having fun. You could even start a YouTube channel if you’re brave! If you don’t want to start one, go find a new favorite one to follow.


Pick Up a New Hobby


Many ideas on this list could be considered hobbies, but there’s so much else you could do. You could spark an interest in history and visit the museums in your town or the local tourist sites. You could become your family’s chef. Start a garden. DIY some clothes. The ideas are endless. Just do something you like, and your summer will be a good one.