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Ways to Pamper Yourself During Midterms

Midterm week can be described a little something like this…

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Teachers seem to find laughter in the internal and external struggles that students face during this hellish week. I, for one, put personal care on the back burner. Below are some ways that can help you feel a little less homely and a lot more rejuvenated.

During midterm week, my skin starts to act up due to stress. I always enjoy a good facemask. During midterms, I tend to add theme into my schedule more frequently. I’ve gotten into using masks by Freeman Beauty. Their line of masks leave my skin looking and feeling healthy right after use. They carry several different products that cater to different areas you want to focus on. Recently, I’ve been into the ‘rejuvenating clay mask’ that has cucumber and pink salt as the main ingredients. It detoxifies and renews skin! I highly recommend picking up one of these products which can be purchased online, at Ulta or Walmart.

You can find them here!

Another beauty essential for me, are self-tanning towelettes. My go-to brand is L’Oreal.

Nothing says that you are ready to get after a test better than a healthy glow. The Sublime Bronze product is streak-free and a quick alternative to self-tanning mousse or spray. A friend recommended the towelettes, and I’ve seriously loved them ever since.

You can find them here!

As you study your life away, remember, if you thought this week sucked, just wait for finals! Light a candle, draw a bath and turn on your current Netflix show. You will be in full zen-mode in no time. Cheers to midterms, my friends!


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