Spring Clean Your House, Social Media and Mind

With spring here, it is now the best, most exciting time of the year… spring cleaning. Okay, while it might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, it is still important. I’m not even just talking about cleaning out your dorm or apartment, you should be resituating and reorganizing your social media and mind too. Doing all three of these things, together, will help you become more mindful, organized and refreshed.

Let’s start with the obvious - cleaning your home. This is probably much easier and less time consuming than you think. Studies have found that living in a clean house helps reduce anxiety, and also that sleeping in clean sheets and making your bed ensures a good night’s rest. Don’t forget to rebuy the products that do not last forever. Some of the most common ones are: toothbrushes, hair brushes, bath mats and washcloths.  

Go through your closet. Clothes that don’t fit or you just don’t like anymore - get rid of. But don’t throw away the clothes you don’t want anymore! Donate them to some of these places around Columbia: 

  • Goodwill (1405 Grindstone Pkwy)
  • The Love Seat Furniture/Clothing Ministry and Resale Store (19 Business Loop 70 E) 
  • Wardrobe (715 Park Ave)
  • The Salvation Army Thrift Store (1304 Parkade Blvd) 
  • Upscale Resale (1729 W Broadway) 

Clean the things you normally forget about: 

  • Microwave
  • Vacuum
  • Coffee makers
  • Fake plants
  • Doors
  • Throw blankets
  • Picture frames
  • Garbage cans

Now, it’s time to reevaluate your social media. Are you still displaying yourself the way you would want everyone in your life to think of you? How about potential employers? Or are your accounts just in need of a revamp? Here are some tips on how to clean up your social media and make sure you are leaving a positive digital footprint.

  • Go back to the beginning of your profile and delete posts that might cause you trouble, that don’t represent who you are anymore or that you just don’t like anymore.
  • Stay away from posting drama or things that cannot be fact-checked.
  • Look at your profile through the eyes of your family, friends, employers and anyone that matters to you.
  • Do a Google search on yourself. Do you like what comes up? Is it a good representation of who you are as a person?
  • Delete your inactive accounts!

Lastly, but most importantly, reorganize your thoughts and mentality. There are tons of positive effects to clearing your mind. Doing a few of the tips I provide will help you sleep better, increase your creativity, reduce anxiety and make you feel healthier overall. 

  • Start a diary or journal. This can be something small you do at any point during your day. Take time to reflect on what you are thinking and how you are feeling.
  • Connect with friends and family. By strengthening your relationships with those you care about, you give yourself a healthy distraction and way to cope.
  • Learn to say ‘no.’ If you already have enough on your plate, you are not obligated to add more to make others happy. It is important to learn to prioritize yourself and your needs first. 
  • Meditate. Even if it is only for a few minutes everyday, meditating is proven to help make people feel less stressed and more refreshed. Meditation helps with regulating emotions and thoughts, so taking a few minutes to breath can be very beneficial.  
  • Listen to music. Jamming to your favorite songs has been proven to improve your mood, relieve stress, motivate learning, and improve concentration.