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My Favorite Episodes of Emma Chamberlain’s ‘Anything Goes’

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In a world where influencers post face-tuned photos on their carefully curated Instagrams, Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, Anything Goes feels like a breath of fresh air. It is genuine and at times painfully relatable, exploring topics ranging from the difficulties of being a cat mom to practicing self-love. Listening to Chamberlain’s podcast feels like being on the phone with a best friend. While humorous and entertaining, Chamberlain doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations, and she invites her listeners to reflect on their own lives and grow as an individual through each episode. 

As an avid listener of Anything Goes, I’ve listed my top episodes of the podcast. If you’re a newbie and want to start listening, this is the perfect list for you. 

“Exposing myself”

In this episode, Chamberlain discusses her most embarrassing moments. She tells listeners everything, from her cringe-worthy first kiss to the…interesting item her cleaning found under her bed. This episode was the first one I listened to, and it made me laugh out loud so many times. Chamberlain is able to put a funny spin on some pretty awkward moments, and in doing so she reminds us that no one is perfect all the time, even influencers who were invited to Paris fashion week. Listening to “exposing myselfhelped me come to terms with my own cringe-inducing past. Now, I laugh at the awkward moments instead of feeling down.

“Regaining Perspective”

In “regaining perspective,” Chamberlain opens up about her personal battles with anxiety. She shares strategies for easing anxious thoughts and emphasizes the importance of putting moments in perspective. As someone who is pretty much constantly stressed out, this episode helped me a lot. I’ve found myself using her advice whenever I’m a little too overwhelmed, and it’s always helped. 

“Body Image and Self Acceptance”

In this super relatable episode, Chamberlain shares her struggles with body image. Through discussing her issues with self-acceptance, Chamberlain helped me reflect on my own journey with confidence and self-image. I still feel insecure sometimes, but Chamberlain helped me realize that self-love is a never-ending journey. You learn and become more comfortable in your skin as you grow older. 

“Put your phone down”

My toxic trait is that I’m constantly on my phone, but after listening to “put your phone down,” I’ve started to change this behavior. Now, whenever I catch myself endlessly scrolling through TikTok, I think of what Chamberlain discussed in this episode. 

In “put your phone down,” she shares the experience she had while taking a break from social media, and the positive effect this had on her mental health. 

“I just got this feeling in my head that the internet was, like, the end all be all,” Chamberlain told listeners. “Everything that happens on the internet is a big deal, everything that somebody says about me is a big deal. It’s so easy to fall into that when you’re on it all the time and you don’t have a life outside of it. But the life that we all could have and can’t have and do have outside of our phones is actually so much better.”

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