It's National Honey Month! Here's How to be(e) Honey Savvy

You know how it seems like there’s a National Dog Day or National Best Friend Day every month of the year? Well, it’s actually National Honey Month in September, so why not celebrate by incorporating the beautiful gold liquid into your daily routine? Here are a few ways to do so, with a friendly reminder to save the bees so that we can keep using it, without guilt, for years to come.

(Note from the editor: There are lots of ways to help! Support local beekeepers, raise awareness on social media, donate and rep some cute independent accessories that either raise awareness or give proceeds to saving bees!)

How to choose the best honey

When shopping for honey, the purest and best kind you can get is raw honey. Though there is no exact definition for what raw honey is, “untreated” or “unpasteurized” would be a good indication. Though it’s not a guarantee, it's better than just looking for “natural” honey. Shop local to guarantee you can trust the beekeeper who made the honey while giving to a worthwhile business. 

(Note from the editor: if you live in Columbia, Missouri, check out Bonne Femme Honey Farm! They sell their wares at the farmer's market every week!)

How to incorporate honey into your diet


Try adding some honey to your toast! When I wake up in the mood for something sweet, I make some peanut butter toast for a protein-packed start to the day. Then, I add cinnamon and honey on top to kickstart my metabolism early in the morning and boost my energy for the rest of day. I also drizzle honey over yogurt, add it to my oatmeal or substitute it as syrup on some morning pancakes. 


Honey can be used as a substitute for many things other than syrup. Use it as a marinade for meats or fishes as a sweeter alternative. You could use it as a natural salad dressing as well. It sure would be better for you than your typical ranch.

How honey can benefit your skin

There’s a lot of different honey uses for your skin. You could use honey to treat minor burns, to improve healing time and make the wound more sterile. You could also use it to treat acne and rosacea as a sort of mask when combined with coconut oil. It’s can also be an all-natural lip moisturizer to prevent those fall/winter chapped lips, or better yet, you could pour some into your bath to soften your skin in the colder months.

How honey can improve your health

It really all falls back on the health benefits of this wonder liquid. Raw honey can relieve acid reflux, balance blood sugar, improve healthy gut bacteria, aid in weight loss and combat parasites. The benefits are endless. Try adding some honey into your routine to celebrate the benefits of this wonderful product this month.