5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Mood

  1. 1. Daily affirmations and intentions

    Motivating yourself and being your own personal hypewoman can be an easy step to forget in your daily routine, especially with a busy schedule. By taking five minutes out of your morning to write down a few intentions you want to set for the day, it helps clear your mind and leave a meaningful foundation to build your day around. It’s important to keep these introspective and not related to school or work because then it becomes a cumbersome to-do list instead of being more goal oriented. This can either be done on the notes app on your phone, the margins of your school planner, or you could dedicate an entire journal to devotionals and you can use it to reflect on months later. 

  2. 2. Take a deep breath

    College always keeps you moving, and with a pile of things to do and not enough time to do it, getting out of bed can often be the hardest part of the morning. We often are running around so much that we forget to take a breath or even savor the moment we’re currently living in. Taking a deep breath and clearing your mind can help a lot with preparing yourself for the day. It seems like a no-brainer and something that your body automatically does, but taking a deep breath and bringing yourself back to reality can make a huge difference. 

  3. 3. Put your phone down during breakfast

    Unplugging is so important, not only for your eyesight, but also for your mental health. Putting your phone down and enjoying your breakfast or morning coffee can really improve your ability to live in the moment. Staying off your phone can also help you avoid social media in the morning before you go down that rabbit hole and can keep you on the productive path for the morning. 

  4. 4. Establish a morning routine

    Whether it’s creating your own skin care routine, finding one hobby you want to do at the start of your day, or keeping yourself on a tight schedule, sticking to routine can help you stay productive and make busier days more enjoyable. Finding fun skin care or body care products to put on in the morning or meditating for 10 minutes can not only carve out more time in your day for yourself, but it can also help with your overall morning mood. Even going on a morning walk or run can help clear your mind and get the blood flowing in your body and boost your physical health. 

  5. 5. Organize your space

    Making your bed and cleaning up your workspace is a perfect way to reset for the day and make your space less cluttered and overwhelming. Not only will making your bed keep you out of it during the day, but it also brings the room together more and is one less thing you need to worry about. Additionally, opening your blinds or curtains will help let in natural light and help boost your mood and save electricity. Throwing any dirty clothes in your hamper and cleaning up the floor is another great way to stay organized and it’s great to come home to a clean room at the end of the day.