3 Lifestyle and Beauty YouTubers to Try This Year

For the YouTube obsessed, there are all sorts of health, beauty and lifestyle YouTubers to choose from. We’re all guilty of spending hours, even days, in front of our laptop screens watching YouTube videos. If you’re anything like me, this is a daily activity for you. We can get so much great information and tips by watching these videos, so why not! Here are three YouTube channels to definitely check out during your next YouTube binge.


If you haven't seen any “What I Eat in a Day" videos, you really should. There is nothing better than watching people cook delicious meals and then realizing you have no food (not). In all honesty, these give me great recipe inspiration and help me to keep on track with healthy eating! MissVranHalen has a great health and wellness channel where she shows endless vegan food recipes and a ton of “What I Eat in a Day” videos. Check her out!


We've all been there. We watch 20 makeup tutorials and then ending up with a list on 50 things that we need from Sephora. These videos actually make you lose money while you’re watching them. Well, not really, but you’re bound to buy a product after watching a few! These beauty gurus make us want to have 500 lipsticks just like them! These are some of my favorite videos to watch, and I’ve learned so much about makeup and how to do it better just by watching them. Shani Grimmond is one of my favorites! She’s hilarious and has a good variety of makeup looks from soft to extreme! She also does clothing hauls and vlogs of some unreal vacations. We can live through her, right?


Sometimes we just need an assortment of advice: how to rearrange our room, how to stay organized, how to get fit, how to study, how to start a morning routine, etc. These lifestyle YouTube channels are even just good sources of inspiration on new things to try in you life! Whether that’s changing up what you do when you wake up, or starting to plan your schedule better, everyone can benefit from these channels! Kalyn Nicholson has a great variety of topics on her channel. She even shows you how to up your Instagram game which is always a bonus.