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The #1 Piece of Furniture You Need as an Adult

If you are fresh out of your parent’s home and have no idea what you are going to use for storage, stylish decor or a space saver in your new dorm or apartment, this piece of furniture is here to rescue you from your troubles. Cube organizers are all the rage these days because of their stylish efficiency, and it is one of the only pieces of interior design furniture you may ever need. Here are a few ways to use them and some reasons why they are perfect for your place. 

Bookshelf – If you’re a big reader and want a stylish and efficient way to store your books, get this storage organizer! Since you can buy it in different sizes (either four, six or eight cubes), you are able to choose how many books you need to store in a super cute way. Organize your books in different cubes by color, author, genre or any other preference for easy access and super fun reading. 

Room Divider – If you are just getting your first apartment and you are living in a cramped studio and need a little bit of division between your bedroom and your living room, look no further. This organizer can be placed vertically or horizontally, so you can just place it in between areas of your place to create a unique and stylish interior design that is not only helpful in dividing your room, but also efficient for holding things as well. Use it as a headboard or for a makeshift wall.

Decor – Instead of buying bulky shelves that you have to screw into the wall and then haul everywhere when you move, just bring this cube organizer with you and the decor process will be easy and minimalistic. Place it in your living room with some succulents on it and a few framed photos, and suddenly you have spruced up your area without need for a hammer or a drill. Place it horizontally and stick your TV on top of it for a cute and spacey TV stand, or place a few vases on top of it vertically for a makeshift mantle. Leave some of the cubes empty for a statement on negative space; leave your house guests talking about your wonderful interior design for the rest of the night!

Storage – Since the organizer is meant for storage, buy some cute cube organizers from Target or Amazon and fill them with all types of storage. Whether that be food, sheets, towels, cleaning supplies or extra closet space, this organizer can hold everything your heart desires. With colorful cubes to store them in, your guests will never know that your organizer is holding extra packages of toilet paper (shhh!). 

Put it all together! Create your perfect apartment or dorm by mixing and matching some of the ways listed above; use some squares for storage, some for decor and some for a cute reading area. No matter what way you use this organizer, it is sure to dazzle and brighten up your area in seconds. 

Cube organizers are available on many different sites like Target, Amazon, Menards, Wayfair or simply Google “cube organizer,” and many different results will pop up. They come in many different styles and colors too, so you can go for a light or dark vibe depending on your type of aesthetic. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy one!

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