Why Target is a Blessing for College Students

Looking for groceries? Makeup? Clothes? Movies? Literally anything? That’s what Target is here for. Most college campuses have a Target on or near campus. The University of Minnesota’s is in Dinkytown, which is good because Target is so beneficial. Interested? Check out the list I created below that proves that the affordable prices, discounts, and multitude of items prove that Target is truly a blessing for college students.


Affordable prices and discounts

Target is one of the best stores when it comes to low prices. They have their dollar section that always has seasonal gifts and other random things you didn’t know you needed for $5 or less. They also always have different sections on sale. There is also the Target RedCard which you can use to get 5% off every purchase.


I know what you’re thinking. What does an amateur gymnastics move have to do with Target? For those of you who don’t know, Cartwheel is an app you can download on your phone that has hundreds of deals from Target and you can use the discounts as many times as you want until they expire, and the coupons aren’t available anywhere else. Since the store created the app, you know all of the discounts are legitimate. Another added benefit of the app is that while you’re shopping in the store you can scan items’ barcodes and see all the discounts available.


Groceries, clothes, electronics, makeup, home decorations, furniture; you name it, they have it. Our Target Express doesn’t have as many sections as regular Targets, but the store is tailored to the interests of a college student, so they have every section that you could need in a Target. There’s also the option to buy things online and have them shipped for free to the store. If you’re looking for presents for the holidays or are looking to accidentally spend all your money, Target is the place to go. Even better, most stores have a Starbucks inside them so you can drink delicious beverages while you shopped.

College student heaven

Target has anything a college student could ask for. To start off, they have school supplies such as notebooks, writing utensils, and binders at low prices. They also have everything you’d need to decorate your dorm or apartment. They have furniture at great deals, cute decorations for your wall, affordable bedding in all sizes, and more. The majority of the things in my room, including my rug, shelving unit, and fan, are actually from Target. To top it all off, they have a 10% student discount if you register with your .edu email on Edhance.com. Target in Dinkytown is one of the cheapest and most accessible locations on campus to get groceries. It’s less than a mile away from Coffman and even closer to many apartment complexes.


As you can see, Target is an awesome store for that has something for everyone. Happy shopping!