Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog This Summer in the Twin Cities



Whether you’re staying in the Twin Cities area for the summer, are visiting for vacation or just want to find some new things to do with your pet, there’s no limit to the things that you can do with your furry best friend. The opportunities are limitless for the places to go and things that you can do with your dog besides just going for a stroll. Here are some fun ways that you can enjoy the dog days of summer!

Go swimming at the Minnehaha Dog Park.

The Minnehaha Off Leash Dog Park is open from 6am-midnight located in the southern part of Minnehaha Park with more than six acres of open land to let your dog run free. This is a great place to let your dog exercise, swim and meet some new friends. You can get a daily or annual pass to Minneapolis Dog Parks here!

Run the trails along the lakes and parkways.

Take advantage of the warm weather and the beautiful scenery of our Twin Cities and go for a run along the Mississippi River. The pedestrian-only paths and occasional water stops makes it so much easier to enjoy exercising with your prized pooch. There are always lots of other two-legged and four-legged friends to keep your motivation running!

Attend the Minnesota Pet Expo.

Come to the Minneapolis Convention Center on June 10th and June 11th this summer for tons of exhibits and events all surrounding your furry friends! Enjoy live entertainment while also learning about pet care, volunteerism, grooming, pet behavior and training, traveling with your pet and other fun activities. Find out more info here.

Stop at a farmers market.

Farmers markets are a great way to stock up on produce while also supporting local businesses. This is a great place to go on your morning walk, or just on a stroll around town. Most farmers markets even have water bowls on site so your dog can have a refreshing drink. There will be plenty of other dogs and dog lovers there for your pet to have fun with!

Enjoy a cold beer with your buddy.

Although you may not be able to bring your dog into restaurants, there are a bunch of breweries that have patios and are dog-friendly. After you finish taking your beloved friend for a stroll, sit and bask in the late-afternoon shade with your best friend. Find the listings of dog-friendly breweries here.