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9 Things That Happen When You’re Tight with Your Roommates

Before your freshman year, everyone tells you it’s normal not to be super close with your roommate, but sometimes it works out to where you become each other’s best friend. Once you get the chance to pick your roommates, it often turns into something amazing and worthy of a sitcom. If you’re one of the lucky collegiettes who gets to live with some of the people you consider your best friends, you can probably relate to a few of these.

1.  You get withdrawals when you’re apart for more than 24 hours.
When you see them for the first time since yesterday, it feels like it’s been weeks since you’ve seen each other, and you have to catch each other up on any and all slightly significant drama that’s happened since you’ve seen them last.

2. You have inside jokes for days.
When you’re living in a house (or apartment, or dorm) full of hormonal college students, some funny sh*t is bound to happen. If you compiled every inside joke you’ve ever had, you could probably write a small novel.

3. Personal boundaries aren’t really a thing anymore.
Cuddle sessions and checking out each other’s new exotic piercings are never off limits. Friends pee together drunk in the bathroom. Best friends pee together sober.

4. You’ve seen each other in your most vulnerable elements.

Too hungover for words, rocking a face mask, probably naked at least once.

5. That group chat, though.

Who needs Twitter when all the people you want to vent to about your annoying TA are all conveniently in one group chat? And nothing beats re-reading the messages the morning after a crazy night out.

6. You start to talk like each other.
You have those phrases and inside jokes that become a core part of your vocabulary, and they only make sense to you and your roommates.

7. You can rely on them for a brutally honest opinion.
One does not simply get ready for a night out with at least one outfit check from every roommate. Hair checks are usually a thing as well.

8. Everyone just sort of borrows money from each other without keeping track of it.
Sometimes when you pay for their food during McDonald’s drive-through runs, you don’t even bother to ask them to pay you back because you probably owe them money for something anyway.

9. You know you’ll always have a friend to be there for you when you head home after a bad day.

Or you’ll always have someone to go out with, someone to study with, or someone to be bored with you.

College is one of the few times you’ll have the privilege of living with your friends, so embrace it while you can.

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