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The 10 Best Things About Being a Gopher

Whether you’re a high school senior touring the campus or you’ve been here for four years, there are so many reasons to love the University of Minnesota.  Although sometimes forgotten about, the U is a treasured Big Ten school with lots of spirit. I’ve only been here for one semester so far, but I could never imagine any other place I would rather call home. Here are the 10 best things about being a Gopher!

Game Day.

There’s nothing else quite like game day at the U. Since majority of the football games are on Saturday mornings, it’s easy to make this an exciting daytime event. From unveiling the banner before kickoff to doing “the gopher” after the third quarter, the atmosphere at TCF Bank stadium is definitely something you’ll never forget. Seeing maroon and gold everywhere, cheering on our sports teams, and making new traditions with friends is something every Gopher should experience.

Having a variety of restaurants within walking distance.

I’m extremely grateful that we are on the same campus as so many delicious places to eat. Cane’s, Mesa Pizza, Insomnia Cookies, Annie’s Parlour, Loring Pasta Bar and so many more located in Stadium Village all the way through Dinkytown.  

Being able to tell people to “Gopher It!”

Oh, the beauty of this inescapable pun! Whether you’re a tour guide telling it to a group of high schoolers and their parents or just giving a friend some encouragement, this pun will never fail to put a smile on your face.

Great transportation systems.

It’s incredibly convenient to be able to hop on a U of M bus or take the light rail to and from different parts of campus, or into downtown Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Personally, I love how I can just take the light rail right up to the airport terminal when I need to fly home. There are various other places to get to from the light rail like Minnehaha Park, Mall of America and Target Field.

You never run out of Minnesota gear.

If you attend the U, probably your entire wardrobe at this point is all maroon and gold. Luckily, Gopheralls are an acceptable choice for any occasion.

Having over 800 student groups to get involved in.

With so many different clubs at the U, there’s a great chance that you’ll find one that fits your interests. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow as an individual through these groups. Find out how you can start your own student group here!

Having a National Championship winning mascot.

Goldy Gopher can do endless amounts of push ups, spin his head and even spin his body. His talents even earned him first place at the 2017 UCA Mascot National Championships!

Being a part of such a diverse and unique campus climate.

With 136 countries represented in the student population, our campus certainly welcomes and embraces all different cultures and backgrounds. There’s so much to learn from all the different people you meet on campus, so definitely take advantage of this and find out more about new people.

The beauty of our location.

Located right in the heart of the Twin Cities, you’ll never have to go far to find a picturesque view of nature or the Minneapolis skyline. The Stone Arch Bridge and the Washington Avenue Bridge make for great photo shoot locations!

(Photo courtesy of University of MN twitter account @UMNews)

Having the resources and support from the U’s faculty and student body.

It is especially important that all students at the University of Minnesota feel safe in their environment, and I believe that the U has done a great job of keeping the well-being of all its students at a top priority. With other resources such as the Aurora Center, Boynton Health Center and other counseling organizations, there’s no better place to feel more secure and taken care of.

Ski U Mah, Gophers!

Lindsey Januszyk

Minnesota '20

Lindsey is a writer as well as Assistant Editor for Her Campus Minnesota. She is a third year double major in Child Psychology and English with a minor in Youth Studies. She loves running, listening to podcasts, and binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu. 
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