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The Worst Parts of Being a Girl



Don’t get me wrong, being a girl is awesome: we’re cute, we know how to have fun, we’re smart, classy, the whole package. But some things about people a girl, and sometimes just a human in general, can drive me mad. Here are the worst parts of being a girl


Prices more expensive for “female” items

Have you ever gone to the store and realized the exact same product for men and women is always more expensive for women? And then men tease us for being expensive.



I at least understand the logic behind this, but I hate how bikinis need to be bought separately for the top and bottom. It make sense for girls like me who aren’t exactly proportional, but why can’t it $10 for the top and $10 for the bottom; not $20 for each individually!



Bra shopping is the worst type of shopping second only to bikini/bathing suit. I recently bought my first Victoria Secret bra ever, and it is amazing! Comfortable, cute, supportive, and makes me feel really good about myself. Ya know what else it was? $38, on sale. All my other bras are about $15, don’t fit well, are itchy, don’t look good, or fall apart. Apparently, a good bra is a genuine investment. The best bra truly is no bra.



Why do girls jeans have to be dang tight to be fashionable? Luckily mom jeans are changing the game. Also, fake pockets?!? I didn’t pay a higher price to have just a seam. Meanwhile, men have cargo pants with like 8 huge pockets. Also, if you need a certain size to accommodate your hips/butt/height and then they’re too big in another part.



Cramps, headaches, mood swings, cravings, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, insecurity…all common symptoms of periods. Because clearly that’s not enough, pads/tampons are like $8 a box…? Sorry I went through puberty…?


Media pressures

Every single day we see advertisements for girls with perfect skin, perfect bodies, perfect clothes, boyfriends, everything. It can make us feel a little bad about ourselves. (Friendly reminder you are a QUEEN!)


Bad lighting/angles

I hate when I’m in my room and I look so cute so I try to take a cute selfie to post or send to my honey but somehow I end up looking AWFUL in all of them.



Wearing makeup is super annoying; you can’t rub your face or eyes and you need to worry it’s staying in place. Not to mention, makeup is expensive! Also, if you wear too much makeup, everyone says you look trashy, if you don’t wear any, people always say, “Wow, are you sick?” “You look so tired!” No, I’m just ugly but thanks.



I feel like girls are constantly being judged for any and everything they do. Stereotypes are outrageous: she’s pretty, she must be stupid. She’s intelligent, men probably don’t like her. She’s a feminist, she must be hostile. She’s gay, she must be manly. She’s straight, she must be girly. She’s in a relationship, she must be dependent. She’s single, she must be undesirable. She wears Michael Kors, she must be prissy. She wears sweatpants, she must not care about her appearance. STOP. Every girl is a treasure and should be able to whatever she wants as long as it’s supporting others!


Hair removal

Plucking and waxing is so painful.  I have literally been plucking my eyebrows for about 6 years now and I still cry every time.  Shaving takes forever and leaves you itchy (yet somehow not shaving also makes you itchy..?). And no matter how long you take with any of these tasks, you always miss a spot.



How can men lose weight so easily? I swear my boyfriend just casually drops and gains like 15 pounds every other day. Meanwhile, it took me months to shred a few pounds. How does that even happen?


Double standards

I hate how men and women can do that exact same thing and it is perceived differently. A man sleeps around and he’s deemed some kind of a god, but if a girl does it she’s trashy. A guy shows up to a party in sweats and it’s perfectly normal, a girl does it and everyone thinks she’s a slob.


Clothing sizes

Girls’ clothing runs so small. Also, why do stores carry so many extra smalls but like three mediums? I literally have articles of clothing ranging from XS to XXL and they all fit me.


Pressure to be perfect

Luckily, I feel like college puts less pressure on girls to look perfect all the time, but no matter what, girls too often are too critical of themselves. Whether the pressure is inflicted from others or ourselves, we always strive to be the best. We get upset if we mess up something, we have acne, all sorts of stupid things. Stop worrying about everything you don’t like about yourself, you’re perfect as you are!


Though some parts of being a girl can be super annoying, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Remember, you are amazing just as you are! The best part of being a girl is being confident in yourself and spreading that confidence to your fellow queens. Sending you so much love and power!





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Alyssa Dicker

Millersville '20

Alyssa will be graduating in May 2020 with her bachelors in Communications-Public Relations. She also is double minoring in English-Journalism and Marketing. Drawing inspiration from her relationship since 2014, Alyssa's favorite topics to write about are relationships and relationship advice. After school, she is getting married in October to her fiance Brandon, an ICU nurse at UPMC Pinnacle. Professionally, she hopes to work somewhere where she can be an advocate for children. 
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