Why Ratatouille is the Best Pixar Movie

Unpopular opinion but Pixar is still better than Disney and "Ratatouille" is the best Pixar movie. 

First of all, Pixar animated shorts are usually pretty bad. Nowadays, they aren't included in the ending credits of movies like they were in "Toy Story" and "Cars." However, "Your Friend the Rat" is one of my favorite Pixar shorts. Not only is it historically accurate, but it is also adorable. It is an 11 minute short hosted by Remy and Emille in which, they give the history of rats and why they aren't bad. It is so cute.

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty. "Ratatouille" is my favorite Pixar movie after "Cars" and "Cars 3," BUT it is the best Pixar movie ever made. Why? This movie was a favorite of my dad's. He watched it maybe four times a week at his peak love for it. I have come to be exposed to it a lot and can tell you why this is a great movie and special to me.



  1. 1. Belief

    Remy knew who he was the entire movie. He never once tried to change himself or be something he wasn't. Even when he hit his lowest points, he knew he was a cook. Remy had a gift because of his refined sense of smell. This gave him the ability to know the freshest and best ingredients. I think because he believed in the words of Gusteau and himself, he was able to live his dream. The cookbook was so important to him that he was willing to risk his life for it. When he was separated from his family, he became sad and lost. The ghost of Gusteau was by his side, inspiring him to go up to the city and look around. To his discovery, he lived in Paris. His culinary life took off once he spotted Gusteau's restaurant and got to see what a working kitchen looked like. It was a pivotal moment for him as he was executing the start of his culinary dreams.

  2. 2. Acceptance

    One thing that I think Remy did a great job of was staying true to himself. He accepted he wasn't a normal rat! Linguini was awkward and weird. I personally think he was a terrible character, but that is a different story. However, he accepted that he was a bad cook. He also accepted that he sounded crazy when he was trying to explain things to Colette. Acceptance is flowing throughout the whole movie. As Linguini becomes more popular, the staff of Gusteau's also accepts him as their own. They share wine and bounce emotions off of each other. They accept each other and work together like a well-oiled machine. 

  3. 3. Inexperience

    Linguini is the perfect example of "started from the bottom now we're here." First of all, Skinner ignored his letter from his mom Renata. Then he dumped him as a garbage boy. Linguini knew his place. When he met Remy, things changed and he was able to do things. Remy finally had a way to showcase his skill and Linguini finally began fitting in. Their inexperience meshed together allowed them to thrive off of each other and move up in the ranks to the point where they gained back a star for the restaurant. They helped each other gain experience and push boundaries. They practiced in their apartment in order to recreate "the soup" (which I want to taste so badly). By the end of the movie, both of them actually can cook. This is why anyone can cook is so important. I also think that is why Skinner did not like Linguini and didn't trust him. He was inexperienced and it was suspicious for him to create a soup Celine LeClaire liked so much. Skinner was threatened by Linguini's initial success, especially once Anton Ego came. 

  4. 4. Individualism

    There is a lot of this. In the kitchen, a lot of the other chefs each have their own strengths and personalities. There is the fun loving type, the mystery, the dark brooding type, a woman, and the weird kid. These people are all different and all have their own individual strengths. It is a melting pot of different people creating great food. Remy was not afraid to stand out as an individual rat. He did not do what other rats did. He had his own dreams separate from what was normative for the colony. He embodied strength from an individual.

  5. 5. Lessons Learned

    There are so many life lessons from this movie and many things to enjoy about it. I will forever continue to watch this movie. These are my top five life lessons as told by Gusteau quotes.

    1. "Anyone can cook." This is true and I am now discovering it while locked up at home. It takes practice to advance in anything. Anyone can learn any skill.

    2. "If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead." Gusteau and Rafiki had it right here. The past may hurt but you can either run from it or learn from it. But if you always focus on what you left you will never know what you may gain.

    3. "Your only limit is your soul." No person can define your limits, only you can. Your dreams don't work unless you do. There is nothing that can hold you back once you put your mind to what you want. Not money or education or skill can hold you back if you really go after what you want.

    4. "Always do something unexpected." This whole movie is something unexpected. A rat that can cook? Unheard of, and that is what makes it great. When you add your own flair to what has been done already, it becomes your own.

    5. "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere." Not every person is destined to become something, but someone who is can always come from somewhere unexpected.

"Ratatoullie" may be one giant meme of a movie, but it has a lot of deeper meanings about life that are really great lessons to live by. Whether you love this movie for what it is or you just think that it is a funny movie, it is perfect for everyone. Let me know what your favorite Disney/Pixar movie is!

HCXO, Cecilia