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Being in my fourth year at Millersville and giving tours for Admissions, I get asked a lot why Millersville was the right pick for me. When I was looking at  colleges in the summer before my senior year of high school, I applied to schools just to apply, many of them I didn’t even have an interest in. I got scholarships to a few and I was very “eh” about all of them. I pushed off picking a school because I honestly didn’t like any of them enough to live and go to school for most of the year. Then, my great Aunt mentioned Millersville, she said one of her friends came to MU to get her teaching degree (since at the time I wanted to be a teacher) and I should check it out. I said I would but I put it off and I kept asking my sister “what was the name of that school Aunt Jo was talking about?” and she would roll her eyes and say “Millersville University, why can’t you remember that?”

Eventually, I got off my lazy behind and just applied. I got my acceptance letter in the mail shortly after that in about mid-November. I was excited, I even took a selfie with my acceptance package and posted it on Facebook. At this point, I was pretty sure I was going to go to MU, I wanted to be a teacher and Millersville has a great teaching program.

Fast-forward to April of my senior year in high school. I’m sitting in Marauder Courts waiting for the welcome presentation to start for Admitted Students Day, I look around at all the people and think about how some of them may go to school with me. The presentation is almost over and I see tour guides enter and stand on the side (who knew one day I’d be one of them!). As I walk around campus, meet the history professors, see the resident halls, and eat in the dining hall, I realize that MU was the school for me. I felt so comfortable on campus, I felt like the professors, admissions, and the school in general wanted me to be there. I paid my confirmation fee the next day.

Fast-forward again to the present day, I still love that I choose MU. The faculty is always willing to help no matter what. When I was changing my major, no matter what department I talked to, they wanted to help me.

The opportunities I’ve had at Millersville have been incredible. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work as a student ambassador with Admissions on the SHARP Team and work with some of the best people I know.

I’ve had the opportunity to join clubs that deal with things that I’m interested in and as well start my own club.

Millersville made me realize that I wasn’t going to just graduate with a degree and get a job that is meaningless, I am going to succeed. MU has given me amazing friends and co-workers, helped me go down paths I didn’t even think I would go down and knowledge that will last for a lifetime.

Erika Stewart

Millersville '20

"be the moon and inspire people even when you're far from full" Millersville '20, History and PR Major, avid Lady Gaga fan and kinda of, sorta, a mess
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