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Why I’ll Continue to Hustle

Nothing worth having comes easy. I have never been the person who just gets up and quits when things don’t go my way. I may complain and doubt myself, but I continue to push. Upon reflecting this past semester, I realized I have many great accomplishments to look at. My greatest one was registering for graduation in December of 2017, a semester earlier than planned. Being able to say I am graduating college with my bachelor’s degree in three and a half years brings the biggest smile to my face, but this doesn’t mean I won't face any more hardships before that time comes.

More often than not, people will always have something to say about you. Some of these things will build you up, and some of these things will bring you down. Many of the decisions I make while I’m attending college focus on the well being of my future. Some may see this as selfish, and I don’t disagree with them. I am trying to make my dreams a reality, and in order to do that, I need to focus on being successful in my field of study.

Who I choose to surround myself with are people who are proud of me. People who want nothing but the best for me and support my decisions. And as for the others who seem to get lost along the way? I miss them dearly. I want to tell them about my achievements and dreams, but I can’t do that if I know they won’t support my decisions.

When people bring me down, I try not to let it get to me, but after awhile it really starts to sink in. I want my friends to understand that I’m not trying to push them away; I’m trying to think of myself for once. I have always lived for trying to please everyone, and one of my friends told me to start standing up for myself. She told me to not let people walk all over me and to it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Having this mindset is new to me, and I’m not trying to rid my old self, but I am trying to better my new self.

Is it really worth losing the people you care about along the way to further your future?  I may not have the answer to that question, at least not yet. But what I do know now is that I have my sights set far, and I want nothing but the best for myself. I aspire to chase my dreams.

Surround yourself with people who care about you, love you, and want nothing but the best for you. Because at the end of the day, the only person you should be trying to please is yourself.


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Jordan Ettien

Millersville '17

A recent 2017 grad from Millersville University of Pennsylvania! I hold a bachelor's of science in business administration with a concentration in marketing! I am addicted to Starbucks, cute dogs and candles from Bath and Body Works! When I am not working as a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus or as a Marketing Manager for my full time job, you can find me at the gym teaching Pilates! 
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