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What is Empowerment?

What is empowerment? When I looked up the definition of empowerment this is what came up: "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights." So I decided to dissect the definition to explain what empowerment means to me!

  1. 1. Process of Becoming Stronger

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    To me, the process of becoming stronger means no longer letting myself feel inferior. I'm in the process of telling myself that I am not beneath anyone. I am strong and worthy, just like everyone else and will continue to show strength in my life.


  2. 2. More Confident

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    This part of empowerment is what I struggle most with. All my life, I have had confidence issues. I struggle with body image, taking compliments, and comparing myself to others. While I still battle with confidence everyday, I do my best to have my head held high and take as many opportunities I can to better myself and make better steps in becoming a more confident person!


  3. 3. Controlling One's Life

    My whole life and even now, I've always felt like my life was so out of control. I would compare myself to everyone around me who seemed to have their life figured out. Then, I realized that they didn't have their life figured out, they just took control. Instead of focusing on other people and feeling like my life is spiraling, I am taking control. I'm going to do my best in managing and controlling my life and what it throws at me!


  4. 4. Claiming One's Rights

    For me, claiming my rights is understanding I have rights. I have a right to speak my mind when I feel necessary, I have a right to be listened to and I have a right to an opinion and so much more. I try to exercise these rights as much as possible because without them, me and so many people would be powerless.

While those were my personal interpretations of the definition of empowerment, I challenge you to do the same and find out what empowerment means to you!

HCXO, Alanna