Tips for Falling In Love With Yourself

Self-love is so “in” right now. From sharing quotes on Instagram to saying that 2019 is the year for self care, self-love really is the wave right now. I couldn’t be happier that this mindset is growing. Self-love is so important. But at times, it can be really hard. It’s almost too easy to fall into a negative and poisonous mindset that you aren’t worthy of self-love. The following are a few tips that I’ve found myself doing to love myself more. I’d love if you do them too!

1. Begin to observe when you start to think negatively of yourself

If you are having trouble letting love in, try to spend a day being consciously aware of your attitude towards yourself. Every time you notice yourself getting insecure or not so loving towards yourself, take a step back. Ask yourself what you were doing that lead to you being upset at yourself. You can even jot down these instances in a notebook or diary. The next day, try to avoid situations that you wrote down or begin to recognize when they are coming up so you can prepare.

2. Look in a mirror every day and pick out 3 things you like about yourself

Whether it’s when you first wake up or near the end of the day, take some time to look at yourself and compliment your body, face, hair, etc. It is really easy to nitpick about our own bodies when we should be doing the complete opposite. Try to make a conscious effort to compliment yourself on three things every day. And it doesn’t all have to be about your appearance. Maybe you did well in a class discussion today or got your homework done early. That deserves a celebration too! Be kind to yourself as often as you can.

3. Write down motivational things and hang them up everywhere

My room is covered in art, quotes, and photographs that inspire and motivate me to love myself and the world I’m in. I have post-it notes on my mirror reminding me that I am beautiful no matter what. I have my favorite mantras all around to visually remind myself to love me for me. Whatever you find inspiration in, hang it up! Print out some images from Pinterest or Instagram and redecorate your room. 

4. Surround yourself with people who like you for who you are

I’ve fallen into the trap of hanging out with people who liked me for a persona I put on far often than I care to admit. It makes me feel as if I need to pack myself away in a small box to shove into an attic where it’ll get dusty and faded. I highly encourage you to find those people who love you for who you are and don’t make you feel like you have to hide. This will help you accept and appreciate who you are!

Self-love is a journey that is not linear. Some days, I look in the mirror and think “Dang, I’ve got it going on”. But some days, I’m thinking the complete opposite. It can be a challenge to fall in love with yourself. But it is so important to recognize the amazing human that you are. You are going to do amazing things and reach the moon. Just make sure to love yourself on the way, okay?

HCXO, Hannah


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