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Sexual Assault Prevention Week At Millersville University

From November 6th-10th, Millersville University's Center for Health Education and Promotion will be hosting their annual It's On Us sexual assault awareness week. Ben Flocken, who is a peer educator at Millersville, helps to describe how important the It's On Us campaign is and Millersville's role in the campaign. 

1. What is It's On Us Week Of Action?

"The It's On Us week of action is a week of events surround around sexual assault prevention and specifically stopping sexual assault on college campuses that will be starting on November 6th. It is being hosted by the Center for Health Education and Promotion."

2. How many colleges/universities participate?

"Hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation participate in the It's On Us campaign. The national fall week of action for It's On Us was back in October. However, having Dr. Katz coming to campus and other events planned already for this week, we decided to round it all off with other events and make this our MU It's On Us week of action."

3. How does it increase sexual assault awareness?

"This week increases sexual assault awareness by educating students and participants on how to handle a situation involving sexual assault or potential sexual assault. Our Chalk the Walk event on November 9th deals directly with bystander intervention and how to look out for victims and potential victims."

4. How does MU play an active role?

"MU plays an active role in this supporting the It's On Us program. Support from the University and specifically the Center for Health Education and Promotion has really helped launch the campaign on our campus to show that we do not stand for any form of power-based personal violence."

5. How can MU students report sexual assault?

"An online sexual misconduct report can be found at www.Millersville.edu/sexualviolence under the link titled "Report to Millersville University". Reports can also be made directly to  the University Police, Judicial Affairs, and Title IX. Confidential resources on campus to discuss a sexual assault include the Counseling Center, Health Services, and the YWCA sexual assault advocate located in the Montour House. These resources also provide many other outlets of help to our campus. For more information on reporting options, please visit the Millersville University sexual violence webpage."

6. How important are these videos to students?

"The videos that students are creating are very important and another way for them to be involved on our campus. The more people we have behind a cause and campaign, the more effect that it will have on our University and surrounding area."

7. Any additional comments/dates!

"If anybody is interested in becoming a Peer Educator or being involved with the It's On Us campaign, please come to the Montour House, or they can contact me directly at bmflocke@millersville.edu and I can get them in contact with the correct personnel."

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, it's never too late to reach out. Call 1-800-656-4673.

*All images courtesy of Millersville University's Center for Health Education and Promotion

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