Self Care as Told by Briana Perry, College Student

Everyone, no matter who you are, has been stressed out at some point - this is especially true if you're in college dealing with a million things at once. I sat down with one of my friends and asked her about how she deals with stress and the upkeep of her mental health.

What is your full name?

  • My name is Brianna Perry.

What grade are you in?

  • I’m a sophomore.

What’s your major?’

  • I am a psychology major.

Are you enjoying college?

  • Yeah! It was a difficult adjustment for me being away from home freshman year, but it got a lot easier with time and making friends who made Millersville feel like home too.

What are some things you’re struggling with in school?

  • This semester has definitely been a struggle academically since I’m taking more psychology intensive classes instead of mostly Gen. Ed. classes. As a result of struggling academically, my mental health has been up and down as well since I struggle with anxiety and seasonal depression. It sucks, but I do have some good days which outweigh the bad. 

How do you get through your bad days?

  • To be honest, I’ll just take a nap. It’s definitely not the best solution, but it helps me not have to think about everything. But, most times, I’ll just hang out with my best friends here and they always make me feel better. I definitely would not survive without them.

Do you have any self care remedies or routines you go by?

  • My favorite things to do for self care are taking a shower, doing my skincare routine, putting on a face mask, and watching some netflix. That never fails me!

What is something you live by?

  • If I’m ever second guessing something: just do it, you’re gonna die anyway.


If you're ever dealing with significant stress, take advantage of resources you have: campus resources, family, friends, etc. Remember there's always someone in the same boat as you, and that there are always people out there who want to help you in any way they can. :)

HCXO, Alexandra