Not Your Typical Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Are you ever struggling to figure out what to do that's actually fun for Valentines day?  Instead of buying another teddy bear or box of chocolates that she/he may not even like, try these fun ideas that will not only make the best Valentines gift ever, but also help build your relationship.


1. Take a day (or weekend) trip

Whether you drive to a nearby town or if you fly across the country, you are sure to find something fun to do.  Some simple ideas would be to go to dinner, walk in the park, see a show, go to a museum, etc.  

2. Try an activity you have never done (together or in general)

Trying new things can be scary, but can also be super fun!  Make a list of things you want to try together (or just in general) and go out and do them.  Having the support of the person you love with you also trying it will make you feel better and build your trust in each other.

3. Have a date night in instead of going out

This is so easy people!  If you don't have much money, but want to still show your significant other how much you love them, have a date night in.  Light some candles, make dinner for them or with each other, have a movie night, take a nap, honestly just do whatever you know the other person will enjoy.  



All in all, if you put in the effort to show that you tried, your significant other will see that and appreciate it so much more than getting a 5th stuffed animal from you.

Happy Valentines Day!



*All images courtesy of Giphy