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Making the switch from bottled water to reusable water bottles can be tough! Here are some of my favorite water bottles to help reduce plastic waste and look cute while doing it!




If you want to go all out you can start with some pricey water bottles. The og Vsco girl water bottle we know and love is the Hydroflask. The price ranges from $30 to $60, the come in many different sizes and the most beautiful colors (I have a bright pink one and a sky blue one!). They are also great for hikes because most of them have a carrying strap and insulation makes the water and ice stay super cold! The down sides are the price and they dent pretty easily, as well as the paint chipping! However Hydroflask has a warranty so if it gets too out of shaped, they will replace it! 



Another pricey water bottle are the S’well’s. They may be pricey, but their range of colours and patterns (my favorite is the wood pattern) and sleek bottle shape makes it worth it! S’wells are perfect for students because they fit in backpacks and purses and super easy to travel with. The stainless steel helps keep the water nice and cold! Like the Hydro Flask, they can dent easily, so be careful! These bottles range from $25-$40. 


Camelbaks have been around forever! Although it is made of plastic, it is still reusable! The price range is great, starting at $13 to to $20 and you can find them in any Target or sporting goods store! (I have one with a glittery A on it!) They don’t keep water as cold because of the plastic, but the durability is great, especially for hikes and working out!


Que Bottle

The Que bottles are super cool and great for runners! The bottles collapsible, so they scrunches up small so that it is easy to hold, then when you unscrunch it it is a full size water bottle! I love the concept of it and they have really pretty colors! They are a great price point, they range from $20 to $25! They are made of silicone so they are not the best insulated, but the versatile design makes up for it! 


What I love about Nalgene is how much water it holds and that it has measurements on it! They are simple clear water bottles, and were my favorite to use when I played softball because of how much they hold! I also love that the cap is attached, so if your like me and lose the cap all the time, this is the bottle for you! Nalgenes are made of plastic, so the insulation isn’t great, but the wide mouth makes it super easy to put ice in to keep it cold for longer! The price is great, and the cheapest on the list, they start at $8 and can go up to just about $20! 

Making the switch from single use water bottles to some of these reusable water bottles is not only great for the environment and your wallet, but you’ll look awesome too! Happy sipping!


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