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Member of the Week: Jordan Ettien

Whether she’s creating new social media ideas or providing her chapter with fabulous content, Jordan is always a hard working member of Her Campus Millersville! Check out what she has to say about her chapter and why you should join too!

What’s your major? Marketing

Why did you pick your major? I picked my major because I am very interested in digital advertising and social media marketing. In this day, everything is going digital and almost every person has at least one social media outlet. I love the fact that I can use my creativity and ideas in the real world!

What is your favorite thing about your major? The favorite thing about my major is how much real-life experience I am getting through my marketing classes. I have been able to really open up to the world of marketing and cast ideas in real scenarios. I have worked with local organizations, such as A Week Away, for projects as well as being able to mock create marketing campaigns.

Why did you join Her Campus? Her Campus was introduced by one of my communication professors. He actually was giving an incentive of extra credit for those who joined the club. After attending the first meeting, I fell in love with my chapter members and really got to express myself through writing!

Do you think Her Campus has helped with your major? Her Campus has allowed me to create a professional portfolio that I can present to future employers. I have articles posted as well as social media experience since I am currently the social media director of the Millersville chapter. I am able to present my articles and social media posts during potential job interviews. This allows me to showcase my work as well as have pride about an amazing organization.

What would you tell others about Her Campus who are thinking of joining? I would tell others that Her Campus will change your life in many ways and you do not have to be a journalism major to join. If you love expressing yourself through writing, photography or blogging, Her Campus is your place to shine! You will make ever-lasting friendships with our members and it is a great outlet to kick start your after graduation goals. 

What is an interesting fact about yourself? An interesting fact about myself is that I love to cook! Not many people cook in college since there are many meal plan options, but I have many recipes that I have created as well as passed down recipes. If you’re ever hungry, I will cook for you!

*All photos courtesy of Jordan

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I'm a senior English major with a focus in writing studies and I hope to someday write for a publication within in Lancaster area. I drink more coffee than I probably should, my cat is my baby, and I'm obsessed with my planner. You'll always find me on campus in the library with a cup of coffee in hand! 
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