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Mastering Procrastination: A How-To Guide

With midterms over, you would think that we could have a relaxing, stress-free fall break. An extra long weekend of five days may allow us to feel like we have all the time in the world, but then comes Monday night at 9 pm, and you realize you haven’t gotten any of your homework done for after break. It’s true, time flies. You may start to frantically panic and begin your assignments. An hour goes by, and suddenly you feel so tired that you can’t go on any longer. You must go to sleep. So here are five ways to get help you get organized and get your work done by their due dates.


1. But first, coffee


Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, coffee is. If you’re going to have to stay up all night to get your work done, the last thing you want to think about is sleeping. So grab your K-Cups and an extra large coffee mug, then make yourself a nice brew and get ready to start working.


2. Change your scenery

It can be really hard to concentrate when you’re trying to get work done at home. When you don’t want to be doing homework, you’ll start making up excuses for doing not it, such as cleaning your room. My best advice is to leave your house to cram for that test or finish up your paper. A 24-hour diner or even the school library can help you wonders with your concentration.  The point is to be as far away from your bed or couch as possible, otherwise you’ll fall asleep.


3. Turn off your cell phone

Turning off your phone is so crucial to your concentration, especially at 3 am. Cell phones are already the biggest distraction known to mankind during the day, so imagine how long you could spend on it at night. You’ll want to do anything you can to avoid doing work. If your phone is off, you have no reason to scroll through Facebook posts or texts. Everyone else is sleeping. I promise, you won’t miss much.


4. Don’t stress eat

Binge-eating is common at night, especially when you’re stressed, but you have to try very hard not ot binge on junk food. The first reason is because you’ll probably feel super sick. You need as much motivation as possible to get your work done, and feeling bad about everything you devoured is not going to help. Secondly, you need energy when you’re working late at night. Junk food will make you sluggish and tired. Try eating nuts, fruit, or even a breakfast meal such as eggs. This will also trick your mind into thinking it’s almost morning.


5. Breathe

Make sure you remember to stay calm when you’re trying to get your work done. This will help you concentrate and work effectively. You’ll want to get up and stretch your legs every half hour or so. If you’re lucky enough to be in a clean library or carpeted area, try doing some stretches to get your blood flowing and help you concentrate.

Everyone has multiple occasions where they completely forget about their homework and exams. It’s essential to know that you’re not alone, and it’s possible to get your work done if you put your mind to it. This is what college is about. Keep in mind that as soon as your work is done, you can sleep as long as you like. Good luck to you, fellow procrastinator! 

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