Let's Talk About Therapy

Therapy is something that is stigmatized as shameful and something to hide. People also make up a lot of excuses to not go to therapy. However, therapy is a great way to improve things about yourself or to resolve deep-rooted problems in your life. That being said, you don’t have to have problems in order to go to therapy. Sometimes we need a third party to help us get our lives together.

So, what exactly does therapy do? Therapy really does anything you want. It is also scientifically proven to show you how your mind works. You can add better behaviors into your life, get help organizing your life, or even change your thinking process on certain things. Therapy is like an intervention for your mind on all the bad thoughts or unhealthy coping mechanisms you might have. Not only can it help you manage stress, but it leaves you with long term coping strategies that will stick with you for life!

Therapy also isn’t just for the severe situations in your life. A big part of therapy is catching a problem early and building positive thinking and habits in order to stop the issues before it progresses into something much deeper. Therapy can also be used when you need to make quick changes in your life. Think of it as your physical strength. If you need to be physically strong, you go see a personal trainer. Therapy is the same thing, if you need to strengthen your mental health you should see a professional.

Once you start going to therapy, you don’t have to go long term. In fact, good therapy has an end date. Therapy gives you the tools to help your problems forever. Typically, when you start therapy, you create goals with your therapist. You eventually phase out of therapy as these goals are completed. You definitely don’t have to know these goals going into it, sometimes you just start because you don’t know what else to do. Your therapist will work with you and help you figure out what you really need.

All in all, therapy is great. It’s a tool to help create long lasting coping skills for any sort of problem. There’s nothing wrong with needing a little help from time to time. Therapy also isn’t just for people who can’t get their lives together. Therapy helps us grow, and become the amazing humans we are meant to be. 

HCXO, Jenna

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