The Last Weeks of the Semester According to RuPaul's Drag Race

As the work piles up and we prepare for break, things can start to feel overwhelming. But all is not lost. You can and will get through it. And to help you along, here are some of the most fabulous human beings on planet Earth to commiserate with you!


1. When the professor reminds you of that one project you completely forgot about:  

Nothing's worse than finding out some big project you were told about at the beginning of the semester is due next week. It just doesn't feel fair!

2. When you start looking at all your due dates for the next weeks:   

Oh look! Three papers and a project all in one day! Oh look! That day's tomorrow!

3. When you see that one person trying to scrounge up some extra credit in the last week:   

Sorry buddy, but you may have wanted to come to class once or twice before today if you needed to pass. 

4. When you start studying for finals:   

It couldn't be too bad...who took these notes? I don't remember writing any of this!

5. Trying not to procrastinate:   

I am strong. No Netflix. No Youtube. No cat videos. I got this. Laser focus. 

6. Then realizing your motivation level is at:   

I could do it's not due for two days. I can get it done later. 

7. Your brain while finishing that last assignment at 2:00am:   

Must get it done. Must get it do...must 

8. Turning in a paper when you don't remember half of what you wrote:   

Confidence is key. If I believe in what I wrote, they'll believe in it. What was it about again?

9. When a professor continues to assign homework the week before finals:   

I need to study. I can't cram anything else in my brain. Why are you doing this to us?

10. When you turn in your last assignment for the semester:   

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you're hard work is finally done. Now just onto the final!

10. When you actually see the questions on the final:   

Am I in the right room? This can't be the right test. This doesn't even look like English. HELP.

11. When you turn in your last final, and it's time to start summer:   

Your hard work has paid off and you're done! Time to take some me time. Cause remember: 

*All gifs courtesy of Giphy and Pinterest