I Had a Remote Internship, Here's What it Looked Like

This summer I had the honor of completing a remote internship through the Millersville Score program! After a few applications to various organizations and two zoom interviews, I secured my spot at I Am Limitless here in Lancaster. I was chosen to be the public relations and social media intern for their small business. 

Coming into the internship, I had NO idea what to expect. I have never had an internship and I definitely never pictured it would be remote. When I started communicating with my supervisor, Megan, we had to lay a lot of ground work for how our communication would look. We would have to set up zoom calls, Facetimes and reminders in order to stay organized! We discussed my duties and she set me free to start my first project! 

Since I am completing my Speech Communications major with an option in public relations and an english minor, she handed me the task of writing copy for the I Am Limitless website. I was able to make edits, rewrite things that I felt needed changed and even add pictures and graphics to the website! This was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to learn how the back end of a business website looks, but also learn how to edit and create new content for it. 

Hands typing on a computer Photo by Corrine Kutz from Unsplash

In between projects, I had daily standing work. I sent out emails to clients and instructors, ran client reports and sent virtual class links to clients. This standing work allowed me to communicate with a variety of people, write copy/emails and be a vital role for the business in their communication. 

Just to help the business owners, I made ads on Canva when they needed to make an a announcement on social media! This was a super fun task that allowed me to be creative. I learned ways to promote your business through graphics, the best ways to reach different audience and how to make an advertisement short and sweet, but also cute! 

For my last project, I was able to write copy for sections of their employee handbook. Being a small business, the copy was written in a light and personal manner. Megan and I worked hand-in-hand to make these policies stern but comfortable. 

This internship was eye opening to me in the sense that I AM in the right field for myself. After two years of self doubt and changed majors, I think I finally found where I belong. I cannot express my gratitude to Megan and I Am Limitless enough for this opportunity. I’m thankful for a boss babe supervisor and an extremely down to earth organization to work for. I can’t wait to take on my next internship. Here’s to my next chapter! 

woman reading a book by the window Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

To my Millersville friends who need internships, reach out to the Millersville Score Program and see what steps you need to take to get your perfect internship. This is an easy way to get experience, build your resume and add content to your professional portfolio! 

hcxo, laura