How to Bounce Back From Thanksgiving Break

So you've eaten a nice Thanksgiving meal, watched some football, shopped till you dropped, and got to spend time with the people you love most. Sunday rolls around and you realize that you're going back to school today and you have not finished all of the work you needed to. We've all been there...LOL. You have finals in 2-3 weeks and the stress of college begins to set in. Below are some ways for you to get your life back on track after Thanksgiving break and get ready for the next few weeks of the semester. 

1. Plan And Organize

As soon as you get back from break make sure to sit down and go through all of your syllabi. Look at what homework and projects still need to be done, and schedule those into your planner. Also, make sure to schedule in time to study for your upcoming finals. Take this time to plan the next few weeks in extreme detail. You will thank yourself later!

2. Clean Your Space

Once you get back to your dorm and apartment make sure to deep clean it before the week starts. Once you start to get closer to finals week you will not want to clean your place up, even though a clean space is essential for success. Take this time before you get too stressed to clean up your space and make it a place you can focus in. 

3. Meal Prep

Cooking is something that takes time, and if you are busy with school work you might choose to eat out frequently. If you grocery shop and meal prep before the weeks get busy, then you will make healthier choices with your meals and you won't be stressed when trying to cook meals.

4. Get Into A Workout Schedule

This is something that I am not the best at, but working out is so essential for your brain to work well. If you can block in 30 minutes to workout every single day, then you will get the necessary daily workout, while giving your brain a chance to relax. 

5. Sort Through Notes

It is important to go through your notes and get rid of the notes that you do not need to study for your finals. Studying is a tedious activity and it is not necessary to study things that will not benefit you for your final exam. Go through and pick out what you need to study and set that aside in a separate study folder for each class you are in. That way your notes are organized when you go to study for your final. 

6. Create A Playlist

Music is my favorite thing to play when I am studying. I usually put on some slow instrumental jazz so that I can have something to listen to, but there are no lyrics to distract me. 

7. Schedule In Breaks

Breaks are so essential for the brain!! You need to give yourself time to relax before you can go back to studying, so try and give yourself a break after every hour of homework/studying. Your brain will thank you!


Happy studying HC Babes!!