Dealing With The Winter Blues

It’s that time of year when the days are short and the winter blues are in full swing. Seasonal affective disorder affects millions of Americans every year. Symptoms can include having low energy, losing interest in activities, and just overall feeling sad. Typically these changes happen because of your biological clock and the lack of sunlight. If you’re starting to feel low energy or just overwhelmingly blah, here are some tips for battling the winter blues.

Treat Your Self

Now is the perfect time to give your skin the little bit of extra help it needs. Take the time to rev up your skin care routine and invest in some good lotion for those dry winter days. This can include face masks, body scrubs, or really any type of self care that makes your skin feel better for you. 

Eat Better

I know winter is the perfect time to eat all the unhealthy goods like junk food and sweets, but cutting these out can actually make you feel better physically and then mentally. Even small changes in your diet can lead to be a big mood change and bring a little peace to your body and mind. 


This goes along with the fixing your physical health as a way to help your mental health. Try a yoga class or even find a workout on YouTube. This can even just be bundling up and taking a short walk outside.

Plan A Vacation

Planning a warm summer vacation can give you something to look forward to when the days get sunnier and longer. It can also just quickly increase your overall happiness.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks can make your winter time a little more bearable. Winter can be a rough time for a lot of people; however, it only takes little things to make the days go by easier. If you notice that your symptoms are progressing or you feel down for days at a time, it may be beneficial to see a doctor. Stay warm!



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