Dealing with the Midterm Blues

Everyone thinks of finals week as the most stressful time of the semester, but I personally think that midterms are worse. While not all classes have actual exams, all still have assignments and projects due around the same times. In addition, everyone’s ready for spring break and mentally most of us have checked out, so I put together some tips to let you have time to relax while also getting work done. 

  1. 1. Go to a quiet workplace when you are doing work

    woman reading a book on a couch in a library

    I know that the idea of laying in your bed watching Netflix while doing homework on your laptop seems like a great relaxing idea, but you are probably going to spend 3x the amount of time then you need to on an assignment. If you aren’t already in your bed, you’ll do your work even faster to get back there.

  2. 2. Try to have a regular sleep schedule

    girl sleeping in black and white

    I KNOW! This is HARD. Work schedules are constantly changing and some days you’ll have more homework than others. You might have an MWF that starts at 9 am but not have class until the afternoon or at all on T/TH. However, if you get up at the same time everyday and try going to bed at the same time every night, you will feel so much more refreshed. If you’re up early but don’t have work or class until later, take your time getting ready, go grab some breakfast and do homework. Then by the time you’re out of your work/classes you’ll have the rest of your day free to be lazy guilt free!

  3. 3. Don’t procrastinate

    Scrabble tiles spell out "To Do" on a blue background above a yellow sticky note

    I know this is hard and we’re busy and tired, but you’ll sleep better, be less stressed throughout the day and have more free time without feeling anxious or guilty. This will give you more time with friends or doing hobbies as well!

  4. 4. Take time for yourself

    Woman Lying on White Textile With Sliced Cucumbers on Her Eyes

    You need time for yourself where you aren’t thinking about school or work. If you’re following all the previous steps, you’ll HOPEFULLY be well rested and have some spare time so take advantage of it. Take a bath, do some skin care, take yourself out to eat, anything that will help you relax. Don’t feel guilty when your friends want you to go out and you want to sleep, or when you can’t pick up that extra shift at work; you need time to rest.

  5. 5. Speaking of relaxing, go outside!

    Celina Timmerman-Girl In Winter Hat

    I know, its COLD. But being outside has so many health and mood benefits. Take a walk around the pond or walk to class instead of driving. Even just spending ten minutes outside can make such a huge difference, just make sure you stay warm!

  6. 6. Remember, you CAN study too much

    Anna Schultz-Girl On Computer Stress

    Trying to cram knowledge into your brain repeatedly for hours at a time IS NOT helping you. Rewrite your notes, make some flashcards, take frequent breaks and don’t try to stay up all night studying. Reading the same notes from class 10 times isn’t going to make any information stick that hasn’t already.

And lastly, just BREATH, you got this.

HCXO, Cassidy