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College Spring Break Guide

Look at that, its halfway through the second semester already! Can you believe that? One step closer to summer break, but we can't forget about spring break right around the corner. Spring break is full of opportunities to catch up on sleep, spend time with friends from back home or get back into those hobbies you forgot about while stressed out at school. Here's your guide to a great spring break as a college student!

1. Visit a friend

Most colleges hold spring break around the same time if your spring break times line up with your friends back home definitely make time to go see them. There's nothing better than catching up and just spending time with those who love you the most but aren't always around. 

2. Branch out

While home during break, branch out and do things you aren't necessarily able to do during the school year because of all the school work. Camping, watch a movie, spa night? The opportunities are endless.

3. Take a trip

Take a day or weekend with family or friends! Because let's be real - when was the last time you took a vacation break between all your classes and crazy schedules?

4. Job hunt

Whether you're looking for an internship, summer gig, or just a way to pick up some extra money spring break is the perfect time to start looking and applying around to secure that summertime job. 

5. Relax

College life is crazy, but school right after any break is 10x more intense so make sure you're well rested and ready to face the rest of the upcoming semester and finish it out strong!

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Hey there, I'm Ally! I'm an interactive and graphic design major here at millersville! I'm a big fan of naps, chocolate chip pancakes and laughing at my own jokes.
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