An Artistic Mind: Hannah O'Steen

From Hartford County, Maryland, Hannah O’Steen is a first year student at Millersville excited to make a splash in the graphic design world. Coming from out of state, she was drawn to Millersville’s intense graphic design program.

“Most colleges have a fine art major and then a specialty for graphic design, but Millersville has all the specifications: website coding, game’s like a crazy design program,” she said.

 When not working on school projects, Hannah loves to paint, specifically water colors of plants. Painting is a great way for her to relieve stress. Originally, she was considering a career in art, but she didn’t want something that was calming to her as her job. She has been painting pretty much her life, but really got into it 7th grade. It was always a constant to her. Her ideal day would be sleeping in, playing with her puppy Kipper, and painting in her room. Her process is pretty free, she starts with a basic concept and then starts painting whatever comes into her head.

“I usually have some structure [in my paintings] but there is wiggle room,” she says.

She isn’t thinking about post grad life too much just yet, right now her biggest goal is to graduate. “I just take it one day at a time, I have no other goals than to just survive,” she teased. However, she has started thinking that maybe after college she’ll want a stable job in a nice area with a house in the city; maybe Pittsburgh.

It’s clear that Hannah has an artistic mind and a clear eye for beauty. One of the reasons she chose Millersville, in addition to the great graphic design program, was the beauty of the campus, especially the pond. Hannah will certainly impact the world with her keen eye and creative mind.

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HCXO, Alyssa