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I am someone who needs an app for literally everything. Organization is key for me so these apps work to keep me centered every single day. Here is a list of five apps you need in your life ranging from workouts, to recipes, to social media, books and more

1. Likewise 

Likewise is an app all about organizing and keeping lists of books, tv shows, and movies. If you have a watchlist or a “To Be Read” in your notes then you absolutely need this app. You can rate books and leave comment reviews to remind yourself about it later. Create lists of your favorite movies, tv, and books. Plus, you can follow your friends and see their current readings and binged shows.  

2. FitOn 

FitON is a workout app that is free and easy to navigate. There are so many free workouts that are easy to do anywhere with minimal to no equipment. You can target specific body areas with so many styles of workouts including pilates, yoga, stretches, HIIT, prenatal, perinatal, legs, arms, butt, etc. Once you complete the workouts you are able to rate them and favorite it for future use. 

3. BeReal

At this point, I’m sure many of you have heard of, or currently use, BeReal. This is a more honest social media that allows you to see what your friends are currently up to. Each day, the app chooses a specific time for all users to post. You have 2 minutes to post what you are up to at that current time. You can add your friends and react to their posts. It’s also fun to be able to look back at your memories throughout the year and see what kinds of things you’ve been up to.  


4. RecipeBox

Whenever I used to like recipes, I would simply post the link in my notes app. It was so hard to keep them organized and then the link took me to a website full of ads and pop-ups. RecipeBox takes the pasted URL and simplifies the website recipe into one page with the ingredients and steps only. You can favorite the best recipes and also organize them by categories. While pasting links to recipes is the easiest, you can also manually add your own. Such a great app for students who are learning how to cook and beginning to collect a list of recipes.


5. Canva

Canva is another app that is useful to have on your phone. Since many of us have a social media presence, this app is great for making creative posts and instagram stories. Canva is also great for class projects because you can download presentation slides templates and other poster templates that make creating things easy. This app allows you to collaborate with other Canva users as well. 

6. Zest

Have you heard of DuoLingo? If so, this is the cooking version of it. This app gives you daily lessons to teach you how to cook. This is perfect for students who haven’t learned their way around the kitchen yet. It gives you pointers on when to use spices and how to season food before it is cooked. Definitely recommend this to jumpstart your confidence in cooking. 

7. Reminders

The reminders app is already on your phone, but it has been so easily overlooked by everyone. You can actually make multiple lists of reminders to help you better organize your reminders. For example, my school list tracks any homework reminders while my errands list tracks all of the stores and things I need to grab when I am out running around. This makes it easy for me to see everything specifically needed in each category. 

Hope you enjoy these apps that are guaranteed to make your phone more organized and effective for you! Just give one or two a try if you don’t have the space for all of them. 



Madison Glatfelter

Millersville '24

Madi is a senior at Millersville majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in General English. Some of her hobbies include playing volleyball, nannying for families, and participating in ECHO and KDP on campus. Madi is passionate about school-work-life balance, relationships, organization, self-care, and life/school hacks.