6 Best Online Stores for the Home-Decor-Obsessed

Want your dorm to be the hot spot in the hall? Don't’ want to spend an enormous amount of money? Here are some great stores you can shop to make your dorm room your favorite place on a college budget!



Image courtesy of Wayfair.com

While not the cheapest, WayFair is a home decorators dream. Hundreds of options in furniture, decorations, lighting, carpets, bedding… be sure to sign up for the mailing list. Wayfair can get pricey, but they have really good sales!


H&M Home

Image courtesy of Timeout.com

This is more for the budget decorator. While H&M’s specialty remains high-end, budget-friendly fashion, their home decor section is awesome. The trinkets, blankets, and lighting decor are super cute and not too pricey.



This is a more modern, edgy version of WayFair. They have similar options, but with bolder designs. Their prices can get a little high, but if you ever want to just browse, check it out!



This site has become pretty popular among college students living in dorms, Their bedding designs are adorable and versatile, making Dormify the hot-spot for move-in-day-ready accessories and blankets.


Disney Home

Image courtesy of simplemost.com

For the kid at heart and queens everywhere, Disney has a home line! Find everything from bathroom and kitchen, to bedroom and living room, to party decor! All your favorite characters can be found somewhere. It’s a dream come true.


Five Below

Image courtesy of fool.com Probably the most budget-friendly on our list, Five Below has been a middle-school destination for years, but don’t knock it completely. If your someone who like to change out your decor frequently, Five Below is a good way to get cheap but adorable decor.