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5 Tips for Surviving the Class You Hate

By now you probably have that one class you just can’t stand – even the thought of said class makes you want to curl up in a ball and pretend you’re a turtle. I get it – I’ve been at this point for weeks now! I know it feels like you’re never going to survive another day attending your own personal Hell but you can do it! Here are a few ways to keep trudging on:

1. Make sure you take reinforcements to class


Coffee or tea and even a fun snack like trail mix or chocolate can be some serious life-savers when you’re just trying to keep your eyes open.

2. Wear something comfy to class


After all, no one cares about what you wear after the first week of the semester.

3. After each horrible class period, take a mental break and treat yourself!


4. Try to complete the assignments from this class first


if you avoid the work, this class will only make you feel 100% worse.

5. Lastly, make a fun countdown! 


Remember, there are only about 2 weeks left until you can stuff your face during Thanksgiving Break and only 6 weeks until the end of the semester!

Just take the next few weeks one day at a time and constantly remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. Before you know it, the semester will be over and you can tell yourself that you made it!

You can do this, collegiettes!

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