5 Girlbosses You Should Check Out On YouTube

I’m always watching YouTube and lately I’ve been watching a lot of videos by some amazing young women. Today, I thought I would share with you some of these amazing gals. So here are 5 girl bosses you should check out. 

  1. 1. Haley Pham

    Haley creates lifestyle videos from trying out different styles to testing stripper hacks to shave “down there.” She recently dropped out of high school to focus on her career and now lives in her own apartment with a successful clothing line. You might also see her in Holister stores!

  2. 2. Avrey Ovard

    Avrey is yet another dynamic teen. She creates a lot of style videos and high school vlogs. She gives off cool vibes and her makeup looks are everything I dream of having.

  3. 3. Marla Catherine

    Marla is a 15-year-old creator who makes videos following music, fashion, and advice. If you’re into thrifting and thrift-flip videos then Marla is the girl for you.

  4. 4. Ava Jules

    Ava lives the life in Hawaii. This beauty makes many beauty and fashion videos. Her style is very laid back and trendy. She gives off positive vibes and wants the best for her followers!

  5. 5. AmandaRachLee

    Do you like bullet journaling and planning? Amanda is the girl for you! She creates amazing bullet journal spreads and even does a “plan with me” livestream on Instagram every Sunday.