3 Reasons You Need To Go Bowling ASAP

It’s a Friday night and you and your best friends are stuck at your dorm room, unsure of what to do. You don’t have the money for going to the movies and you’ve already been to the mall wayyy too many times. You want to do something fun, but what is there left to do?

Go bowling.

Seriously, it seems like a joke or an outdated form of entertainment, but bowling is for real a great night out. If you need any more convincing, here are four reasons why you should go bowling NOW!

1. It’s pretty cheap

Cheap fun can feel hard to come by, especially as a broke college student. At Leisure Lanes in Lancaster, PA, one game is only $1.75 after 9pm. Not bad at all!

2. There’s pizza!

It’s not gourmet, but hey, you can work up an appetite with all that bowling. Nothing better than a warm slice of pizza and a cool soda as you watch your friends bowl.

3. It’s a great time to get off campus and have fun

Make silly names for your bowling game and mess around with techniques. Bowling has a winner and a loser, but it’s much more fun if you have fun with it. Crack jokes and sing along to the music blasting in the alley. 

I hope you take my suggestion and hit up a bowling alley asap! And hey, there's no shame in putting up the bumpers :)

HCXO, Hannah