10 Times Sabrina Spellman was a Style Icon

Recently, I started watching the 1996 Sabrina the Teenage Witch show when the new Netflix series inspired me to re-watch some of my childhood. While watching, I noticed what a style ICON Sabrina was and I give her credit for giving me part of my fashion knowledge. Here are 10 times Sabrina Spellman was the embodiment of fashion itself:

1. This Yellow Turtleneck

When I watched this episode, I went straight to H&M and Forever 21 to find a similar outfit.


2. Sheer top and matching shoes???



3.  A Turtleneck AND a zip-up hoodie!!!

Who knew you could wear a turtleneck and what looks like a suede zip-up hoodie at the same time!!!


4. The Classic

Everyone needs a classic black dress at some point in their life.


5. Overalls and sheer stockings

Libby should be the one embarrassed that she even tried to pull off the same look as Sabrina.


6. Where can I get this outfit

I’m being dead serious when I say I want this outfit.


7. Queen of wearing long sleeves with skirts

Another outfit I want


8. Another sheer top?? An icon

Icons only.


9. Suede and a skirt

I hate suede, but this is making me rethink that.


10. And finally, a fashion icon!! (and Britney Spears)

My childhood in one picture.