10 Things You May Have Forgotten To Be Excited About

1. The release of John Green's new book, Turtles All The Way Down

His first novel since The Fault In Our Stars! I preordered it- did you?

2. The time in between Halloween and Christmas when candy is in no short supply

*books an extra appointment with the dentist just in case*

3. Humidity not being such a brat and hair actually behaving again! 

Oh flat-iron, how I have missed thee!

4. Fuzzy socks

Giving them! Getting them! Wearing them with everything!

5. Seeing colorful wrapping paper

Catch me at Target twirling it like ribbons!

6. Warm, savory comfort foods

Chili! Stuffed peppers! Soup!

7. Blankets in no short supply

...And leaving the house in blanket-like sweaters to maintain cozy-o-stasis (get it?)

8. New Sam Smith music


9. The peaceful few days after the semester ends and before grades come in

If I don't see my grades, they can't bother me...


...For now


*All images courtesy of Giphy