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10 Signs You’re Already Over This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

Four weeks in and you’re already done with the semester? Us too. Here are the signs that make it evident that we need this semester to just end already:


1. You started bumming it to class after the second day. 

Let’s be honest, I wore sweats to class the very first day.

2. You already started using SparkNotes. 


Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to read all of the many…many…many…many…words.

3. You’re already halfway through your flex. 

Since Millersville only allotted us all $150 of flex this semester, we can all agree that it’s quite a struggle to not spend it all on Starbucks, extra chips… and Starbucks.

4. When you plan to study but take a nap instead. 

Picture this: you’re sitting in class planning your study schedule for the day. You get back to class and your bed calls your name. Who are you to resist?

5. When getting coffee is more important than eating real food. 

With so little flex this year, sometimes we have to sacrifice our meals for our Starbucks. #noregrets

6. You’re already out of unexcused absences so your friends have to drag you to class. 

Thanks but no thanks.

7. When it’s Sunday and you’re already looking forward to the parties on Friday.


8. You keep falling asleep in class. 

Don’t kid yourself, you were staying up late watching Netflix, not studying.

9. The cooking your mom does at home is already deeply missed. 

Campus food is nothing compared to a home-cooked meal.


10. You’re already packing for Christmas break. 

Who cares how many days are left? It’s close enough to start getting ready to head home.

Have no fear, collegiettes! Four weeks in means 11 weeks left. We can do it…right?

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Jessica Moore


I'm currently a junior at Millersville Unversity studying biology! I started at HC as a first semester freshman and have been with it ever since. Along with writing passionately for Her Campus, I am also a member of Alpha Sigma Tau.  My passions include reading, writing, animals, and food. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy binging netflix, reading a good book, and taking naps.  Instagram: @jessy_poo96 Twitter: @jessy_poo96
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