Reasons Not to Finesse Your Way Through Life

Finessing can be defined as getting things done smoothly and with little effort. It can work for a lot of people. You may get through high school finessing through your classes and extracurriculars and things turn out alright. Then college happens and you may or may not still slide by with minimal effort.

However, it WILL catch up to you.

Life is hard and hardly ever fair so you want to be one of those people working like hell to make their dreams come true rather than just finessing your way through every obstacle.

Here’s  a few reasons why you shouldn't finesse your way through life. 

1.   You build terrible habits that are hard to get rid of. 


There will be situations so difficult that you have to dedicate a ton of time, crying and effort to get through. And guess what? It can still go completely wrong. But you want to build good time management habits and an ability to push yourself instead of giving half effort. Unfortunately, bad habits aren’t easy to get rid of. You have to completely reconstruct how you look at things. If you’re anything like me, changing your bad habits will make you cry and suffer a bit. A lot. 


2.   You don’t realize your true potential. 


It feels good to finesse. You feel on top of the world after you’ve finished that essay 30 minutes before class or did well on a test you studied the night before on. The catch is that you won’t realize what you’re capable of. In the grand scheme of things, that’ll cost you. 


3.   When things go bad, you can’t hold onto how hard you tried. 


Let’s face it, things can go bad in a hurry. When you have a big failure, all you’ll have to look at is the fact that you tried to finesse it and failed. Not only do you have the failure to cry over, you have to face your own responsibility. Good luck with that. 


4.   You resent yourself instead of changing. 

Like I said before, changing yourself is hard. It’s easier to just resent yourself. When you’re a finesser who’s tired of finessing, you will get upset with yourself. This can lead to low self-esteem and bitterness. Lost hopes and dreams can do that. 

I would’ve added more to the list but these consequences are a lot similar to procrastination and inevitably ruin your life in the same ways. So if you’re a finesser, try to cut it back to the things that you don’t value that much before it becomes a huge problem that you can’t change.