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Mental Health

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of people’s lives. Sometimes we neglect our mental health, but it is very important to be in touch with it. Here are some ways to keep your mental health in check while at school.

Take breaks when doing work 

Studies have shown the most efficient way to study is to take breaks while working. It is proven that the best way to retain information is to have a study time to study break ratio- 50 minutes of studying and a 10 minute break. 

Exercise daily

Exercising can help you clear your mind and help you de-stress. 30 minutes of simple walking can make a huge difference. Even going outside for fresh air and a change of scenery will allow your mind to clear up. Also, yoga and meditation are a great way to help de-stress yourself! 

Sleep on time

It is important to sleep on time. If your sleep schedule is messed up, you will be less motivated and won’t be able to get your work done the following day. You should be sleeping a minimum of eight hours per night in order to feel fully rested. 

Take deep breaths

It is important to monitor your breathing in order to keep your mental health on track. In order for your brain to function, it needs to get the proper amount of oxygen to it. Whenever you are stressed or feeling overwhelmed, taking a minute to take a deep breath in and out can make the greatest difference. 

    Overall, it is important to keep your mental health in line. There are many resources you can resort to if you are struggling with anxiety, depression or anything else related to your mental health.

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